Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media

Vireal Media create moving experiences for brands with our extensive skill set in film, video and animation. Located in beautiful Sussex.

Providing aerial, automotive and even underwater capabilities, our team can work across any environment to produce
world-class video content. 

We combine this with rich data to make sure
your video content ends up in the right place, 

with the most reach and the right audience.
Above all getting you the best result
for your brand or business.

We craft stories that are impossible to ignore.

Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
An electric, vibrant film created to market this innovative live event based product.
Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
An emotive brand story showcasing the joy experienced by a father and his daughter at play.  
Shot in our beautiful native East Sussex.
Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
Dynamic drone shots combined with air to air rigs allowed us to capture the action in this epic feature film.
Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
We filmed the stunning Myleene Klass both pool side and underwater in this behind the scenes swimwear fashion shoot.
Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
A fast-paced dramatic promotional video produced for GT4 series racer Ben Tuck, complete with social media content and press pack.
Video Production Company Sussex | Eastbourne | Viral | Vireal Media
A combination of green screen, underwater filming and VFX were used to produce this vivid, eye-catching product commercial.

Firstly we sit with you and produce a concept with an impactful and resonant message for your audience. In conclusion we define a complete end to end solution which encompass every aspect of your product or brands journey into your customers hands. To sum up we create content that captivates viewers.


Secondly, creativity is at the core of who we are. When it comes to giving you the best content for your brand, we can’t help ourselves. Further to this your creative has to be strong enough to entice your audience, in other words we make your story matter.


Thirdly a good idea is nothing without the experience to deliver. Consequently we have hand picked crew who are perfect for the job, with a combined industry experience of over 50 years. In addition, as a video production company in Sussex with offices in Eastbourne (close to London), we can deploy quickly anywhere.

Distribution and Ad Buying

Moreover, we help craft your media strategy to distribute your content to the right audience, utilising the best channels for your demographic to make sure you get a quantifiable return on investment from your video spend. Further to this we combine data and metrics to do one thing above all, drive your business goals forward and get you tangible results from your spend. As a result our video content keeps our clients coming back, again and again and most importantly does its job.


We produce breathtaking cinematic imagery to stun your audience, but most importantly to always to serve your story and above all engage your audience. In short we make your audience care. That is to say, we make the reel, real.

Specialist Filming

In addition to our standard video production company services we can provide aerial (including drone and air to air filming). As well as car to car and underwater filming crews. We certainly dare you to push us.


Meanwhile our editors are wizards at assembling beautiful stories from our rushes to engage your audience. Further to this our sound designers will have your audiences ears dancing in delight to beautiful soundscapes and scores.


After that our colourists will add layers of nuance to your film to make sure every shot sings with vibrancy and most importantly captures your viewers interest.

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